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Continuous improvement to produce high quality natual rubber to satisfy our customer requirements.
In 1991,Thailand become the world's largest producer and exporter of natural rubber. Rubber can be considered to be one of important export of Thailand. The living of one tenth of the population depends on rubber. In 2002,the total land under rubber in Thailand almost two million hectarce with production around 2.62 million tons. With 87.5% in the south, 10% is in the Southest and about 2.5% is in the Northeast of the country.

Nowadays Tavorn Rubber Group consists of three companies:

Tavorn Rubber Industry (1982) Co., Ltd. (TVR)
product : RSS
Tavorn TTR Industry Co., Ltd. (TTR)*
product :
- STR 5L, 10, 20
- Block Rubber
- Skim Block
Tavorn Rubber Product Industry Co., Ltd. (TVP)
product : Latex


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